Granulator QUEST™ FB II X•ONE

Versatile R&D-Scale Granulation System with 12 Bar Pressure Shock Resistance

  • R&D scale
  • Top spray granulation or Wurster coating
  • 12 bar explosion resistance
  • CE compliant

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Quest™ FB II X•ONE

The ultimate lab system, Quest™ FB II X•ONE performs drying, granulation and Wurster pellet coating in a single container. The granulation system is accompanied by four process inserts to accommodate varied batch sizes and products. With a certified 12 bar explosion resistance design, the machine sets new standards in safety. Other features include dust-free filter change, slide-in/ slide-out process inserts, and a plug-and- play design.

technical features :

  • Top spray granulation :
    • Batch size : from 0.3 to 5.5 kg
  • Wurster coating:
    • Batch size : from 0.4 to 5kg


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