Coating machine – Smartcoater Series

The Most Efficient Tablet Coating System

  • Batch size: from 25 to 1000 kg
  • Perforated drum.
  • Exclusive Schlick nozzle technology.
  • Wash-In-Place system without disassembly

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Smartcoater™ Series

SmartCoaterTM, the new SC series of tablet coating system from ACG, is smart in the truest sense. With an elegant aesthetic appearance, developed with the conflux of design and technology, SmartCoaterTM has a smart airflow pattern and a quick and efficient discharge right up to the last tablet. A fully perforated drum design allows optimum horizontal air flow for drying. Its exclusive ACG X•ONE nozzle by Schlick ensures better process efficiency and handling. A wash-in-place system ensures efficient cleaning during changeovers. As with all smart things, SmartCoaterTM offers maximum flexibility in terms of batch sizes (ranging from 125L to 1400L) and an option for sugar coating.

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