Cartoning machine VP 120

Versatile Cartoning Machine with Vertical Feeding

  • Suitable for a wide variety of products.
  • Many possibilities for closing the cases
  • Capacity: 120 cases/min.

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VP 120

A versatile, continuous motion cartoning machine, VP 120 was developed to handle standard rigid products as well as irregular shaped, non-rigid products and combination products, that are difficult to pack on other cartoning machines. VP 120 can carton multiple products in a single carton. It offers myriad carton closure types, such as reverse tuck-in, parallel/aeroplane tuck-in, glue-closure, and a combination of tuck-in and glue-closure. It can handle a wide range of carton sizes without needing any format parts. Moreover, it can be automated for handling dedicated feeding systems.

 Case dimensions (mm) :
– Length: from 57 to 320
– Width: from 20 to 135
– Height: from 14 to 98 mm

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