The retrofit is to add new technologies but also functions, parameters to older systems without changing the original operation of your machine. It can also be about handing over existing electrical installations or adding safety options for operators.

MITS Group intervenes on your own machines or on used models that we can select for you, depending on your needs.

Interventions can be of several natures:



Cleaning and reconditioning, replacement of spare parts, change of formats…


Wiring replacement, change of contactors and components…




Changing panel, electronic cards, adding functions in the programmation…

The advantages of revamping :

Reduced deadlines

We intervene on the machine without completely modifying the operation. Making the desired changes can be done faster than fully developing a new system.


Safety and compliance with standards

Thanks to the modifications made to your machine, you can conform your installations in compliance with the standards and facilitate the maintenance of your equipments thanks to the replacement of the different components.

Adaptability to your requirements

The machine is reconditioned according to your constraints and your needs. The formats are adapted to your queries and the installation is done according to the already existing elements.


Operator comfort

The revamping allows you to optimise the workstations of your operators in order to offer them better working conditions and more ergonomics. By improving your machine, you can also use your human resources for other tasks with higher added value.

Improved productivity

By practicing the revamping of your machines, you make them more efficient by integrating the latest technologies or by adding new functions and can thus improve the performance.


Costs under control

By improving only the points that need to be, you improve the overall performance of your equipment without having to change everything: you can reduce your production costs and energy expenses while spending less money than for new equipment

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